Davinci Natural Chroma 2-02

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Change saturation in a for the human eye natural way and mute high saturated colours.


Salamifish Natural Chroma is a colourspace aware tool, which can add saturation like change in a pleasant looking manner. It is built with an approach which compensated for the cones in the human eye, to be able to raise the saturation without the need to correct certain primary colours separately. The additional chroma weight tool helps to keep high saturated colours muted while maintaining a strong look. The “hi-unboost” option weakens very strong colours without affecting the normal saturated colours. It works colourspace aware within ACES, Davinci Intermediate, Arri LogC and Rec709 and some other working colourspaces..

Be aware that you need Davinci Resolve Studio for this dctl and try the demo first. Current Version runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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