Davinci node tree for scene referred workflow in log

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How to set up and apply dctls in Davinci Resolve Studio

1. copy in LUT folder
2. restart Davinci Resolve Studio (free version is not sufficient)
3. apply a dctl ofx from openfx menu on a node
4.a) load dctl
4.b) for ACES IDT dctls, apply in Media Menu directly on footage
5. if it does not work, set GPU to “auto” in Davinci Resolve Preferences

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conference of light 2019

On the conference of Light 2019, a couple of gaffers and DPs met, to test la crème de la crème of LED light panels.

impressions of the conference

grading challenge for me: match not so good LEDs to reference lights




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German article about HDR from set to post

this article fits well for DPs, gaffers, DITs and colourists.

download article

The article results in a HDR workshop I gave for DPs, together with my colleague Luisa Hermanns. We shot different scenarios and checked later in the grading suite how the footage held up in HDR.

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Day 4 Night screencapture

Here is a little screen capture of me grading a scene day for night.

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