Here you can find demo dctls for Davinci Resolve Studio.

DCTL for Davinci Resolve Studio

Salamifish Split-toning DEMO / VIDEO / BUY … create fancy cross looks and opposite colour effects easily

Salamifish FilmCrosstalk 1.6 DEMO / DEMO MAC M1 M2 / VIDEO / BUY …a Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Crosstalk, much better suited for look development than a tool with RGB scaling. Comes with Colour Chart and in new Version 1.6 additional with high-saturation and high-luminance cut option.

Salamifish Natural Chroma DEMO / BUY … a more natural way of adding or reducing saturation combined with a function to darken high saturated colours

Salamfish Smart Contrast DEMO / VIDEO / BUY …. smart contrast tool, which creates more natural contrast changes even in HDR grading

Salamifish Clamp DEMO /  BUY …cut off values below 0 and above 1.0 or in between

Salamifish Cameratools DEMO / BUY …a part of Primelight, offering correct exposure, white balance, flare

Salamifish Primelight DEMO  VIDEO / BUY  …high-end first node grading tool for initial adjustments for camera and luma zones, also check Primelight for Mini Panel

Salamifish CMS7v2 Colourmanagement tool, convert from any popular SDR/HDR display colourspace to log and back DEMO

Salamifish LAB-looks DEMO / VIDEO / BUY …design unique looks

Salamifish ColourCrossTalk DEMO / VIDEO / BUY …design unique looks and apply technical transforms

Salamifish DJI transform HDR DEMO / VIDEO / BUY … bring DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Air2, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro2, Inspire, Phantom footage correctly into your working colourspace or display in REC709 or HDR PQ outputs with nit levels 300, 600, 1000, 2000 and 4000. Also you can cross convert the different DJI flavours and Alexa LogC Wide Gamut is also possible as input or output.

Salamifish DJI DCinelike ACES IDT as dctl (for DJI Mavic Pro(1), DJI Mavic Air (1+2), some DJI Phantom) DEMO / BUY (also find LUTs for Resolve/Premiere/SCRATCH in the colour store)

Salamifish DJI DLog-M DGamut ACES IDT as dctl (for DJI Mavic Pro 2) DEMO / BUY

Salamifish GoPro Pro Tune ACES IDT as dctl DEMO / BUY

Salamifish Leica L-Log BT2020 ACES IDT as dctl DEMO / BUY

If you have problems, getting dctls going in Davinci Resolve Studio (not possible in free version), please check out this how-to-post.