Davinci Primelight – 1year subscription

300,00 Preis inkl. MwSt / price including tax

camera control and well chosen luma zones – my most important colour tool

300€ initial payment, 90€/year renewal fee (also possible to extend to more than 1 year for example 3years.


Salamifish Primeligh is my most important creative colour tool for doing 90% of what is in my gradings. It works similar to the Davinci HDR grade but different. After almost 4 years of development time and constant testing by a bunch of colourists in projects it is now ready to be released. Check out this demo video to see it in action (note that the demo video does not show the latest version which received some improvements meanwhile). Checkout the demo of the latest version here. As it is very much buttons, I also offer a split-up-package with the whole tool split up in 3 parts, which makes it easier to use with the Blackmagic Grading Panels. Another mini panel version has no chromatic operators in the zones which makes a good mini panel version as 1 dctl. You can find all 4 mini panel dctls here as demo.

Change your camera settings exposure, white balance and tint without the need to access any raw data. Access 4 well chosen luma zones without the risk of screwing up the image, compared to other tools like that. Primelight is designed for a robust HDR and SDR grading experience without worrying too much about technique. Use Smart Contrast and Natural Chroma for especially natural behaviour in you look development. Primelight works in a couple of different working colour spaces like Davinci Intermediate, ACES, logc AWG, Rec709 and can be extended to any other. When you buy it, tell me which colour space you want to have as default.


 Be aware that you need Davinci Resolve Studio for this dctl and check the demo first. Current Version runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. On demand I also include an addional 3divided version to shop up nice on the fx section of the Davinci Grading Panel (tested on Mini panel) as well as a version with achromatic zones as 1 dctl for the mini panel. The one year subscription will let you use the product for one year. If you need further access you can extend it anytime for another year (or more). As it will be icensed on demand, you will get it aimed for within 24hours, worst case within 48 hours.


Gem. § 19 UStG wird die Mehrwertsteuer in der Rechnung nicht ausgewiesen. / According to § 19 UStG, tax is not shown in the invoice.


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